Cape Cod Old Jail Lane

Conservation Area


The Old Jail Lane area is a collection of wide walking trails with small but frequent semi-hardpack rises on the network’s perimeter. Its inner cross trails can be both wide or narrow singletrack, with pervasive thorn vines throughout, so be sure to bring your spare tube and patch kit!


Area Details

This parcel has a heavy mixture of pitch pine, scrub oak and white pine vegetation, along with thick briars and American holly bushes. It was originally formed by a Cape Cod glacial moraine. Trails are wide, with subtle rises and depressions occurring regularly. During spring and summer, there is no regular site maintenance. Thus, paths often become overgrown – thick grass often hide rocks, roots and even fallen small trees, adding a more technical riding aspect.

Old Jail Lane is characterized by copious waterbar steps built into small climbs/descents. One main hilly route runs through the middle with two steeper ascents, along with several smaller ones. Most outlets are marked with map kiosks, but they lack current position markers. Be sure to watch carefully for dog walkers and casual hikers, as the area is located in a residential area.

Doubletrack does exist within the network here. Predominantly old cartways and fire roads, some lead to Seabury Farm, a conservation area off Route 6A near Barnstable-West Elementary School. However, many routes dead end at private property. Hunting is permitted in-season, so please check any posted schedules before embarking on a ride.

Parking & Directions

Parking is located directly off Old Jail Lane. Take Phinneys Lane from the 132 intersection and travel approximately 1 mile. Just beyond the Route 6 overpass, Old Jail Lane angles off sharply to your left. The small 5-car lot is a 1/2 mile down on the left. Be sure to watch closely for the sign, as you can easily drive past it by accident. Leave your car here and ride down to the end of this private way where a home resides on the left. Straight ahead is the trailhead for these conservation paths.


Old Jail Lane Weather

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